What Are Your VIP/Executive Protection and Low Profile Security Needs?

Security For Places of Faith 

Executive Protection Detail in Denver,CO

School Security

Tactical Close Protection

Contracts in Denver requiring plain clothes
We require 72 hours notice per Denver Licensing Requirements

Low Profile Security in Denver,CO

Secure Transport

Tactical Close Protection in Denver,CO
Tactical Close Protection in Denver,CO

HCCI can provide a bodyguard dressed to meet the needs of our clients for any situation. From high end executive functions to workout gear, we can protect you from any threats you may face, without making our security presence known. 

Requires 72Hr.  Notice if Detail will be in Denver

Tactical Close Protection in Denver,CO

HCCI can place an armed security professional at your place of worship to help deter potential threats. We are even equipped to help train your own internal security team for when situations arise. 

Tactical Close Protection in Denver,CO

HCCI Is equipped to handle all of your transportation needs. We have armed drivers ready to deliver you to your destination day and night

Business VIP/Executive Protection

‚Äč HCCI has the training to staff your school with a security professional or a team of professionals. We can even provide the much needed trauma training to staff for use in emergency situations.  

HCCI can meet all your Business security needs, from VIP/Executive Protection, Black Tie Events, and Corporate Dinners, down to personal office or in home security. Contact us to set up your personal protective detail.  

HCCI Can establish a visible presence at your home, place of business, and any travel location  Choosing this option deters threats through a very visible and professional show of force. 

We are a Denver licensed security company, currently serving the Greater Denver, Colorado, and Wyoming areas. We have a vast network of professionals  we work and train with, and we can help meet your needs form Single Person details to a team of Professionals at your side, work, or business day or night. With advanced notification we can set up and travel to other  states. 

Low Profile Security Solutions