Shane Ammerman Executive Protection Specialist

Shane Ammerman

Hello, I am an Executive Protection Specialist in the Greater Denver, Colorado, and Wyoming areas, ready to put my skills to work for you. I have acquired skills throughout my life that enable me to keep people safe. I have a great passion for the work I do, and I am very proficient. I have a diverse martial arts background and extensive weapons training. I am certified in Executive Protection with an emphasis in Krav Maga/Israeli based training in conjunction with Israeli based weapons training. I am certified in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, CPR, AED, and First Aid. I am  Krav Maga and Defensive Tactics Instructor. I am capable of learning anything and utilizing my skills to be the most useful person in the room. I adapt quickly to any situation and am continuously re-evaluating my surroundings. My skills go far beyond what I can outline here in a quick summary, but I look forward to the opportunity to fully discussing how I can be utilized in your professional and personal protection.    

Contracts in Denver requiring plain clothes
We require 72 hours notice per Denver Licensing Requirements